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Default directory structure (unix)

Before going to the configuration procedure, please browse through the default directory structure below. It will help you answer questions about the configuration script. You can change the name of the directories as you please, but keep the directory structure same, it will make your life much easier. You do not have to create any of these directories, they will be created for you by the Count-install program. The only things you probably have to create are the individual datafiles or authentication database if database support is on (keep reading).

/usr/local/etc/Counter       <- Base Directory
    |-- conf                 <- Config Directory
    |   `-- count.cfg             -Configuration file
    |-- data                 <- Data directory (for backward compatibily only)
    |   `-- sample.dat     
    |-- db                   <- Database directory
    |   |-- Authdb                -Authentication database 
    |   |- Countdb                - Main Counter database
    |   `- rgbdb                  - rgb database converted from rgb.txt
    |-- digits               <- Digits directory
    |   |-- A                   -Style A
    |   |   |-- peng.gif
    |   |   |-- strip.gif
    |   |   `-- yeehaw.gif
    |   |-- B                   -Style B
    |   |   `-- strip.gif
    |   |-- C
    |   |   `-- strip.gif
    |   |-- D
    |   |   |-- lenna.gif
    |   |   `-- strip.gif
    |   |-- E
    |   |   |-- foo.gif
    |   |   `-- strip.gif
    |   |-- bang
    |   |   `-- strip.gif
    |   |-- cd
    |   |   `-- strip.gif
    |   |-- cdd
    |   |   `-- strip.gif
    |   `-- cdr
    |       `-- strip.gif
    |-- fonts                <- TrueType Font directory
    |   `-- trebuc.ttf          -Sample Free Trebuchet font from Microsoft
    |-- logs                 <- Log directory
    |   |
    |   |-- visitor.log         -Visitor log
    |   `-- error.log           -Error Log file
    |--      <- Counter home mirroring script
    `-- rgb.txt              <- RGB text database

Base Directory is the directory where all the sub-directories and the files related to counter reside.

conf directory holds the configuration file for the counter. This file is created by the program Gen-conf and can be hand crafted later. After creating the file, please read the comments in the file.

data directory holds all the datafiles for the counter. The datafiles stores the access counts of web pages. Each page must have a separate datafile. The datafile is specified at run-time. You will know about it later. Note: If datafile is specified with df, only then this directory will be used for datafiles. This is done for supporting the older versions of the counter used in the site.

db If database support is on, counter related databases are kept in this directory. The default database names are Countdb (for storing counter hits), Authdb (for keeping authentication info) an rgbtb (converted from rgb.txt).

digits directory holds sub-directories with various styles of GIF digits. For example, A sub-directory holds the green led digits. The sub-directories have GIF digit files named zero.gif, one.gif...nine.gif. you will know about it later.

fonts directory to keep TrueType fonts. A saple TrueType font trebuc.ttf is supplied by default. This directory is only dignificant if TrueType font support is on.

logs is the directory which holds the counter log files. counter error messages and remote access warning messages are written to the error log file. From Count version 2.6+, logs about visitors can be saved in visitor log file if the paramer log_visitor_info is set to yes is count.cfg file.

rgb.txt file is used to convert a color name (for example, cyan) to the appropriate red, green and blue color component. This file came from X consortium and is supplied with the distribution. You will know about the file later. Note: If database support is on, this file is unused bacause the installation script convert this file to database rgbdb at install time. is the script to help you out in mirroring the counter page. Please read the page How to mirror counter page for details.

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