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Count 2.6 image manipulation

Compositing with an image

Compositing the counter image with a base image is an interesting feature of the counter. It allows you to composite the counter, clock or countdown image with a base image of your choice. You can position the counter image anywhere on the base image using the parameter xy or you can use align to align at top, middle and bottom of the base image. The valid keyword for align is topleft, topcenter, topright, midleft, midright, midcenter, bottomleft, bottomcenter and bottomright. The parameter offset can be used to specify the offset in pixels from the edge of the base image.

Here's example of Compositing the counter with a base image:


The HTML tag used to create the above image is as follows:

<img src="/cgi-bin/Count.cgi?image=yeehaw.gif&ft=0&offset=5&align=topcenter">

Note: while compositing the keyword tr and trgb for transparency makes the color of the counter image transparent not that of the base image. Also, when you are re compositing, do NOT specify display=image.

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