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MS Windows
fluid hack
FLTK User Interface Designer hack
(For Linux/Unix, MS Windows)
Muhammad A Muquit

Last Updated: July 19, 2001

It needs to be ported with latest fltk. I don't have time at the moment, so you're welcome to do the port.

- muquit@muquit.com Jul-13-2003

Table of Contents

What is it
This is a modification of fluid so that you can edit code with your favorite text editor instead of the code editing dialog. A status window is also added at to the top of main widget browser window. The reason is I don't like a window pops up all the time when I save the code. The message is written to the status area now. Please look at the Screenshots. I hope you'll find these features useful.

fluid stands for Fast Light User Interface Designer for the freely available cross platform toolkit (written in C++) called fltk. I play with almost all freely available cross platform toolkits, I find fltk is the cleanest (and very fast) of all. And most of all, lots of fun to code with. I'm not a fan of GUI builders but fluid is a GUI builder I really can use which does not get on my way. The code is tested on Linux and Windows NT/2000.

If FLTK development team wants it to make it the part of main distribution, please let me know


  • If you're on Unix/Linux, download and install fltk from http://fltk.org/
    Then download this gzip compressed tar file:
    File: fluid.tar.gz
    Size: 75868 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: 957bdaabffc69892067cbb444aae7b54
    Last updated: Jul-19-2001

  • If you're on Windows NT/200, you can download the compiled binary:
    Binary for MS Windows
    File: fluid.exe
    Size: 348160 bytes
    MD5 Checksum: 2e9f0e526838bde86f9aa7fb7183a90f
    Last updated: Jul-23-2001

In Linux/Unix

cd fltk-1.0.11
mv fluid fluid.orig
gunzip < fluid.tar.gz | tar xvf -

In MS Windows with MS Visual C++
A compiled binary fluid.exe is supplied. But if you need to compile it yourself, add code_editor.cxx in the fluid project and then compile as usual. Or look at Makefile.wnt and type: nmake -f Makefile.wnt

Files changed

code_editor.cxx (new)
code_editor.h (new)
Makefile.wnt (new)

How to use
In order to use your editor, set the environment variable FLUID_EDITOR. Example:

FLUID_EDITOR="xterm -e vim"

in Window NT:
Start-> Settings->Control Penel
Double click on System, Select Environment Tab and set the FLUID_EDITOR variable

The shortcut for the Editor button is Alt+e. Click on the Help button in the code panel for more info.

A temporary file name with extension .cxx is passed to the editor to edit the code.
For security reason, set the environment variable TMPDIR to your own space instead of /tmp.

export TMPDIR

Figure 1: code panel dialog

Figure 2 - editing code with vim in ansi xterm.

If you find this option useful, please let me know. Bug reports, suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks to Bill Spitzak and others for writing/maintaining fltk, a fine cross platform toolkit.


  • Status box is moved at the bottom of the window (look at the old screen shot) and the color is changed to gray. Code change by Yucel Adnan adnan.yucel@lmco.com.

  • First cut released.

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