(mm) A program to remote control netscape in Linux/Unix
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vhtml is a silly little program (but very useful to me) which calls netscape with -remote openURL(url). If the first argument does not start with http://, the program will find out the absolute path of the file no matter how the path is specified. If the first argument starts with http://, the program assumes it is a URL and passes it to netscape intact. For files, It is necessary to call netscape with the absolute path of the file. It is advantageous to call netscape with -remote, because if netscape is already running, it will use the existing instance of netscape instead of forking a new process.

If netscape is not running, a fresh copy of the netscape will be forked with the specified URL. Modify the path of netscape in vhtml.h before compiling.

Notes for KDE2 netscape -remote stopped working with KDE2. I don't know whose fault this is, but if netscape is called with -id and if the id of the Navigator window is passed, the -remote option seems to work fine. So I wrote some code to do so. Look at winid.c if you're interested. In KDE 2 klipper application you can specify vhtml %s for netscape. (-mm, Aug-12-2001)

	   vhtml ./file.html
	   vhtml ../../../file.html
	   vhtml http://www.muquit.com/

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